Do you want to plant seedlings or sow seeds or harvest vegetables or herbs or simply take a stroll through a community garden? Come to Croydon Community Garden or even better, join the Croydon Community Garden Team. You can come anytime to the garden. 🙂

Next work morning at the garden is on Saturday the 1st of May from 9:00am-10:30am. You can come along.

Various equipment and seeds are available to use. If you are interested in watering the garden or being on the team then contact Henry on: [email protected] or call: 0439 085 408.

Feel free to take produce from the garden but don’t take the whole plant!


The aim of the garden was and still continues to be to: 1. actively beautify the area, 2. create a space for developing relationships, 3. display a sustainable approach to gardening with no pesticides, 4. serve the community through offering food, volunteering opportunities and advice on gardening,  5. show the community that the church wants to serve in response to knowing Jesus Christ and 6. give glory to God not just with our words but with our hands in doing good work.

Jesus Christ knows about gardens because he gave life and he uses garden imagery to describe himself and those who trust in him. ‘Remain in me, and I in you. Just as a branch is unable to produce fruit by itself unless it remains on the vine, neither can you unless you remain in me.’  (John 15:4)

Thankyou to our sponsors:

St Barnabas Church Croydon:

Charles Sturt Council:

Honest Earth:

Albert Sand and Metal Depot:

Civil Train:

Story of how the Garden came to be

The story of Croydon Community Garden starts back in the middle of the year 2015. Ben Woodd seeded the idea of the garden with a few others involved with the church. A team was formed to organise establishing the garden. Ben sorted out funding through the ward councillors (Discretionary Ward Allowance).  Lawson and Dakin (landscapers) and a bunch from the church came along to the side of St Barnabas Croydon to establish the beginnings of Croydon Community Garden (what is seen along William St.). Four garden beds were built that day and plenty of produce has been produced over the years. We thank God for that.

Since then, Henry Trewren expanded the garden to the end of William St with a contribution from Charles Sturt Council (Young Change Maker Grant) and quite a few businesses as mentioned above giving products for free. Two of the beds were made by trainees from Civil Train. A few people assisted Henry to establish those beds and now Croydon Community Garden since middle of the year 2018 has continued to be used. Many people have come by to sample the produce and many volunteers have maintained the garden.

We thank God for giving his people the ability and opportunity to delight in plants and actively see the wonder of plants growing to produce food to eat. Only God knows how it all happens! 🙂 Through the garden being established many friendships have been formed as people interact while at the garden.

The prayer is that we will form strong and lasting relationships through time at the garden. Futhermore, that we delight in and be fascinated at God who provides food for us. We thank God for his abundant beauty, provision and zealous love for people since he gave up his son Jesus Christ to make reconciliation possible with him.

We also thank Adami’s Sand and Metal:, JAG: and Born Again Pallets: for offering quality products and materials.