What is a Christian?

A Christian is someone who knows Jesus Christ.

Although being a Christian involves being part of a local church, actively seeking to serve others, and living an upright life, at its heart being a Christian is all about a relationship – a relationship with the God who is Father, Son and Spirit. Christians know Jesus (the Son) and call on him as their Saviour and Lord, trusting that his death and resurrection has made a way for them to be welcomed into God’s family as his own children.

Like kids in any family, Christians will still get things wrong, but we do so in the secure knowledge of our place as beloved children.  This makes it easier to own our mistakes and find forgiveness.  Like members in a healthy family, we delight in spending time together and so prioritise both our individual relationships with God and our corporate life together as brothers and sisters.

If Christianity is fundamentally relational then, while you’ll be able to learn a lot by research and observation, the best way to find out more will be by getting to know God and his people. So why not come along to Barneys – we’d love to introduce you!

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