Would you be interested in hiring a venue?

St Barnabas Croydon is a community space that has different areas you can hire. It is available for a range of activities and events.

Send an enquiry to hire@sbac.org.au and set up a meeting with Ben or Henry (0410 712 601) to discuss your ideas for using the venue.

The Location

St Barnabas Croydon
4a William Street
Croydon SA 5008

The Main Building

Built in the mid 1900’s, the main building is a beautiful and tranquil environment for many different organised activities and events. It has a large space particularly suited to workshops, lectures, retreats, events and functions. Televisions mounted on the walls are available for use with a sound system.

The Hall

The back hall is a roomy, wide space suitable for drama practice, music groups, dance classes, events and workshops.

Back Room

There is one back room which is available for use. This is a smaller space more suitable for small group functions or as a “break out room” for an event being held in the hall or the main building. The room features couches, a small table, a wall-mounted whiteboard and a pin-board. A table tennis table is also available for use.

Front Courtyard

Inner Courtyard

What you can use when hiring the different venues:

    • Round or rectangular tables
    • Chairs (4 different types) and infant seats
    • Whiteboard and markers
    • Couches
    • Portable screen and projector
    • Televisions (only available when hiring the main building)
    • Front and Inner Courtyard
    • Speakers and microphones
    • Table tennis table

Catering can be organised too


    • Toilets
    • Kitchen
    • Coffee machine (can only be used by one who has had training to use a barista style coffee machine)
    • A storage space is available for regular users of the venue and facilities
    • A photocopier is available for regular users of the venue and facilities