Everyday life together with gospel intentionality.

We see Gospel Communities as the best vehicle for making disciples of Jesus Christ. A Gospel Community is a small group of about 6-20 people who aim to do everyday life together with gospel intentionality. We want to be serious about living out our identity as a Family of Servant Missionaries so that people encounter the church, not only as a building that they enter or a service they attend, but as a community that they can belong to and in which they see the gospel being lived out.

What is a Gospel Community?

A Gospel Community is NOT primarily a small group, Bible study, support group, social activist group, or weekly meeting although it has elements of all of those. Rather it is a missional family of people who are committed to living their lives together for Christ as a witness of God’s love to their friends, family, work colleagues and neighbours.

Each Gospel Community meets regularly to eat, learn, pray and work together on mission, showing and sharing the gospel in real and tangible ways.

We are committed to multiplying Gospel Communities and would love to see them scattered throughout Croydon and the surrounding suburbs.

Getting Connected

To find out about joining or starting a Gospel Community please contact us.