We gather as a family.

On Sundays, all the Gospel Communities in and around Croydon gather together as a big family.

We gather to celebrate, to share stories and to be encouraged to keep being who we are in Jesus. Each Sunday, God’s word is preached in order to equip and enable us to keep trusting and obeying Jesus and resting in who we are in Him.

We don’t go to church. We are the church.

Each Sunday there are usually two gatherings, however at the moment we are meeting online (due to COVID-19):

Online Video Stream – 10:00am

A pre-recorded online video service is available each Sunday morning from 10am. To make sure you receive the link for this service, please get in touch to sign up to our mailing list or follow Barneys on Facebook.

Holy Communion – 8:30am

Meetings cancelled until further notice. A simple Anglican Prayer Book service which runs for approximately 1 hour and is followed by morning tea.

All Age Gathering – 10:00am

Meetings cancelled until further notice. A contemporary gathering for all ages preceded by morning tea at 9:30am. There is a creche and kids church. Most weeks we enjoy lunch together after the gathering.

Find out what to expect at the gatherings.