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All about Jesus!

The first thing to say is that we’re all about Jesus. For most of us at St Barnabas Jesus is the one who makes life worth living. We want who he is and what he’s done to saturate our whole lives. Maybe you’re not that into him. We’d love to tell you more.

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In Western society it’s not very fashionable to be a follower of Jesus. Christianity is considered outdated and irrelevant. But even if the church has sometimes come across as out of touch with contemporary life, we reckon that Jesus still remains the most remarkable human being who ever walked this earth. Humble yet full of authority; compassionate yet uncompromising; hated by the establishment yet loved by the poor and marginalised. His teachings have shaped our laws and inspired millions. His death is the greatest act of love ever seen. His resurrection brings assurance that he’s not a dead guru but a living Lord and Saviour. He claims to be the one who will decide where we spend eternity. He demands investigation.

If you’re a sceptic, can we encourage you to listen to this talk by Tim Keller on the identity of Jesus.

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