Would you be interested in hiring a venue?

St Barnabas Croydon is a community space and it has different areas you can hire. It is available for a range of activities and events.

Send an enquiry to hire@sbac.org.au and set up a meeting with Ben or Henry (0410 712 601) to discuss your ideas for using the venue.

The Location

St Barnabas Croydon
4a William Street
Croydon SA 5008

The Main Building

A beautiful and tranquil environment for many different organised activities and events. The main building is a piece of art built in the mid 1900’s. It has a large space particularly good for workshops, lectures, retreats and functions. Televisions mounted on the walls are available for use with a sound system.

The Hall

The back hall is available which is a wide space particularly good for drama practice, events and workshops.

Back Room

There is one back room which is available for use with couches. A smaller space for small group functions or in need of extra rooms. A table tennis table is available for use. Whiteboard on the wall can be used along with a pin-board on the wall.

Front Courtyard

Inner Courtyard

What you can use when hiring the different venues:

  • Round or rectangular tables
  • Chairs (4 different types) and infant seats
  • Whiteboard and markers
  • Couches
  • Portable screen and projector
  • Televisions
  • Front and Inner Courtyard
  • Speakers and microphones
  • Catering can be organised


  • Toilets
  • Kitchen
  • Coffee machine
  • A storage space is available for regular users of the venue and facilities
  • Photocopier is available for regular users of the venue and facilities