Step 1. Complete National Police Check Application

  • Download Form (PDF)
  • Download Form Completion Guide (PDF)
  • Fill out the form, following the form completion guide
  • Ignore the box on the first page:
    (Until the new online DHS Screening Checks process is ready to use, we will continue using the existing police check forms)
  • Ensure you have 100 points of ID with photocopies
  • Get your application processed via Police Officer or JP
  • Show completed form to Ben Woodd to get the VOAN section completed and forms sent in
  • You should receive your certificate within 10-15 working days

Step 2. Complete Application for Category 1 Clearance

  • Download Category 1 Form (PDF)
  • Fill out the form
  • For the “Would you like us to notify any authorised officers… “ section, please check the box next to “Local Safer Ministry Coordinator” and write “St Barnabas Anglican Church Croydon” for the congregation location.
  • Get your application signed by a JP
  • Please keep a copy of this form for your own records
  • Attach your national police check (no older than 3 mths), DCSI certificate, or DECD teachers’ registration
    (This could be the original or a copy signed and verified by a JP)
  • Send in your form to the address provided on page 2 of the form:
    Safer Ministry Program
    Anglican Diocese of Adelaide
    18 King William Road, North Adelaide SA 5006
  • After your form submission has been received and processed, you will be emailed a response stating what is required for your screening to be completed.

Step 3. Complete ESCC Training

Step 4. Complete CSE Training

Step 5. Provide Digital Copies to Barneys

Please provide a digital (scanned) copy of all of the following items to the Barneys Safe Ministry Team.

  • National Police Check Certificate
  • ESCC Training Certificate
  • CSE Training Certificate (or alternative)
  • Any other relevant documentation

Further Information

For further information on the Anglican Diocese Safe Ministry screening process, visit the links below: