Christianity is good news about Jesus Christ.

“Christ” wasn’t Jesus’ surname, it’s a title. It means that Jesus is the king, the king of the whole world.  The proof that Jesus is the king is in his resurrection from the dead. Christianity is about the good news that Jesus is the king.

It’s good news because Jesus is such a good king.

He’s not selfish or cruel. He doesn’t just want to boss people around and get us all to serve him. He’s a king who loves – really loves – his people. Jesus is the king who gave his life for his people!

You see, we’ve all rejected Jesus as our king. We do it in different ways but the rejection is the same. Rejecting your king is serious business and it comes with consequences. But Jesus is so kind and merciful that he took the consequences we deserve onto himself! When Jesus died on the cross he was paying the penalty for our rejection of him so that we can be fully forgiven and free from guilt and shame. It means that we can know Jesus as our friend as well as our king. It means that we can face the future with hope, because Jesus is ruling our life. It means that not even death can separate us from his love.

True life and real love

Christianity is the good news that true life and real love can be found and experienced in coming to Jesus, trusting his rescue and accepting him as king.

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