What can I expect if I come to a Sunday gathering?

If you’re thinking about visiting St Barnabas on a Sunday you might have some questions about what to expect. You might even feel a bit nervous. Please don’t 🙂 We want to make our gatherings as welcoming and accessible as possible.

Hopefully this page answers your questions. If not, please get in contact and we’d love to help.

What should I wear?

Wear some clothes! There’s no dress-code so wear whatever you’re comfortable in. People who come to St Barnabas wear anything from shorts and t-shirts to shirt and jacket.

Can I park?

Yes. There’s plenty of street parking in William Street and Elizabeth Street, adjacent to the church building.

What time should I arrive?

If you’re coming to the 10am gathering, we often don’t start until a few minutes after 10. But do come early if you can. There’ll be someone on the coffee machine from 9.45am and there’s usually some morning tea to enjoy as well.


How do I know when to stand or sit?

The leader will make that clear. We usually stand for songs and hymns (it’s easier to sing that way), and usually sit for most other things. Just look around and see what other people are doing if you’re not sure 😉

Can I bring my children?

Yes! Children are very welcome – at any age.

What if my child makes a noise?

Your child probably will make a noise, and that’s fine – we’d rather have the noise and your child than peace and quiet! There’s always a healthy burble of children at our 10am gathering. We’re happy for you to get up and move around if it helps you to comfort your child. There’s also a crèche which you can use at any time and crèche helpers who would be happy to look after your child if you’d like to try leaving them.

When do the children go to Creche or Kids Church?

After a few songs (and sometimes a short children’s talk/time) the children go out into the back hall for Creche and Kids Church. Creche is for children aged 0-4 and Kids Church is for children aged 5-9. All our leaders are screened and trained in delivering a safe and Christ-centred session in accordance with Adelaide Anglicandiocesan Safer Ministry and St Barnabas Children’s Ministry. Find out more about Creche and Kids Church.


Do you have toilets?


Do I have to bring some money for the offertory?

We’re not after your money! And we don’t have a collection at our Sunday gatherings. If you’re keen to give, it can be done electronically. Find out more about giving to St Barnabas.

What happens after the service?

People stick around and chat. Once a month we have a picnic at the park across the road – we love food at St Barnabas! Feel free to leave straight away if you need to but we’d love to get to know you if you can stay for a while. Please introduce yourself to any of the regulars. They’d love to help.

Any other questions? Just ask us…